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Multicultural Life (Ep. 61)

Episode Summary

I talk to a life coach about living abroad and the feeling of home.

Episode Notes

Show Notes:

  1. Introduction (0:21) 
  2. What fascinated you about Canada? (2:19)
  3. The south of Germany (7:51)
  4. Where is home? (8:44)
  5. When did you come to the realization that home is not a place? (12:07)
  6. Can you tell us about your multicultural coaching clients? (14:35)
  7. Success stories (16:29)
  8. The struggles of living abroad (19:16)
  9. What do you tell Germans who want to spend time abroad? (24:00)
  10. How to work with Ariane (30:13)

Vocabulary List and Comprehension Questions:

Multicultural Life




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